Free2Live Labeled

Thinking about my word renew and seeing posts on Facebook talking about not calling ourselves Christians anymore, started me thinking. … Why do we allow labels to define us, instead of us defining the label?


Free2Live because a Savior is born 3

As I was playing him today, goo gooing and gah gahing, I thought back to when I first was told I would be giving birth to him. The angel that visited me had told me my relative Elizabeth had also conceived a son. I was floored!! Elizabeth was old and barren! Yet she was already six months pregnant? I just had to see for myself and I headed right off to Judah and my relatives Zachariah and Elizabeth.

Free2Live because a Savior was born 2

As I nursed him tonight, I am considering some of the things I learned at Temple about the Messiah that was to come. I thought of the reading from what the prophet Isaiah declared (Isaiah 7:13-14), saying the Lord Himself will give a sign, and that sign would be a virgin being with child, bearing a son … it hit me … I am that virgin! Me … it’s unbelievable to me.

Free2Live Because a Savior was Born 1

I wrote this last year, but thought I’d share it again this year. It’s written from a Mother’s Perspective – specifically from Mary’s. I did a lot of research into what it would have been like, but this is STRICTLY my imagination, there is no guarantee any of this really happened or really where her…