He said so … Back to Basics … The Rejected

Jesus goes back to Nazareth, to a synagogue He was very familiar with. Scripture says He was brought up here, so I would guess, they were familiar with Him as well. He stood up and read a scroll, then sat down and said the following: “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” (Luke 4 NIV)…

Free2Live in Harmony

Ever run a three legged race with someone? I’ve watched people do it and think to myself, I wouldn’t do it that way. I would …. fill in the blank as I’m sure you have done the same, right? If you watch videos, you will notice most pairs start off strong, then, something happens and…

Free2Live – Wise or Foolish

Yeah, this is a corny thing to talk about. But I heard someone say something similar to this today, and I couldn’t help think about how different people would react differently to this statement. How our reactions would say so much about ourselves. How we see ourselves. How we view other’s opinions. How we see the world around us.

We are all Free2Live Wise or Foolish. Which will you be?