Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

I hope this brings you up to speed so you have educated discussion about this topic. Keep these things in mind when discussing it:

* This effects illegal immigrants who have been here for at least 5 years and are between the ages of 21-31.
* The Federal Court has already weighed in on a similar directive.
* The date for action was set by Texas
* This was a move suggested by the US Attorney General.
* This is a 2 year phase out.
* This issue has been being tossed around in government since 2001.

Cut Out the Middleman

Let’s try something new. Let’s cut out the middle man shall we? Have you noticed the middle man is what costs us isn’t it? Sometimes they can’t be avoided, but when they can be, things are much cheaper. So before sharing, commenting, or advocating/objecting to actions this administration (and the many after it) takes, read…

Holt On – Just the Facts

So now there is all this hoopla about how Lester Holt fixed the debate for Hillary Clinton. So let’s take a more in-depth look to see. Honestly, at this very moment of writing this, I have no idea what the facts will show, do you? I mean really, do you? Or do you just THINK…

Debatable Freeze Frames

You know how an illusionist tricks you? By redirecting your concentration. The only way to catch how they do what they do, is to freeze frame the video. When I see debates (which I rarely watch), I feel like there is a bunch of running around, distracting, and redirecting going on. By the end, do…

What do you stand for?

If you know what you stand for, then maybe this will help you figure out who you stand behind … well, maybe. Let’s take a look at a few moral and personal issues. Let’s be honest, when it comes taxes, foreign policy, economics, Presidential candidates can say whatever they want. They have to┬ámove another branch…